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Established in 2020, Word Speechology is not just a clinic, but a beacon of hope for children with complex needs. Our journey began with a singular goal: to empower students facing unique challenges. Now, with the inauguration of Word Speechology Learning Centre, our mission has expanded to touch even more lives.


At the heart of our Centre lies a profound belief in inclusivity. We strive to create an environment where every child, regardless of their abilities, is embraced and supported. Our aim is not just education and therapy, but to nurture a sense of belonging, making every differently-abled child an integral part of our society.


Our philosophy is simple yet impactful: every child, regardless of their challenges, deserves a chance to thrive. At our Centre, we embrace diversity and celebrate the unique strengths that each child brings to the table. Within the walls of Word Speechology Learning Centre, we offer more than just academic sessions. We provide a sanctuary where children with a spectrum of needs - from autism to Down syndrome and everything in between - can flourish. Our team is dedicated to providing tailored therapies and compassionate counselling, ensuring each child receives the individualized care they deserve.


Every milestone achieved, every breakthrough celebrated, is a testament to the resilience and determination of these remarkable children. Together, we're not just building skills; we're building futures filled with promise and possibility.


Join us as we continue to illuminate the path towards a more inclusive society, one child at a time. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of these extraordinary individuals and their families.

One - on - One Personalized/Child Led
Early Childhood Intervention Therapy 

We have on site - certified therapist making sure all your Childs are met at all times. 

Exploration driven Learning - We aim at incorporating a structured way of ensuring comprehensive learning. 


My name is Nikitha P Seelan

Pediatric Speech Language Therapist, Audiologist, and Certified Oral Placement Therapist (RCI Registered).


Through my extensive experience working with diverse age groups across various regions in India, I have gained invaluable insights into the unique communication needs of patients.

Throughout my career, I have successfully treated a wide range of speech disorders, oral sensory challenges, and feeding difficulties in children. My passion lies in facilitating effective communication and enhancing the quality of life for each child under my care.

I firmly believe that true transformation in inclusive classrooms stems from genuine collaboration between parents and educators. Recognizing this, I transitioned from solely focusing on therapeutic interventions to advocating for an inclusive educational environment. It became evident that integrating therapies and education within a cohesive framework could significantly enhance children's progress.

This realization fueled the expansion of my practice to incorporate a learning-paced curriculum tailored to individual needs. By blending therapies with education, we aim to provide a comprehensive approach that fosters academic growth and overall development. Our overarching mission is to establish a holistic hub where various learning modalities and therapeutic interventions converge, empowering children with learning disabilities and special needs to lead fulfilling and independent lives.

I am committed to continuing this journey of empowerment and collaboration, working tirelessly to ensure that every child receives the support and resources they need to thrive.

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